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We have a collection of 4 Government quotes from Colin Powell

"We need to understand that we as citizens and as a government in any community throughout this country have no more important obligation than to educate those who are going to replace us." (ID 23385)

"When you decide to get involved in a military operation in a place like Syria, you've got to be prepared, as we learned from Iraq and Afghanistan, to become the government, and I'm not sure any country, either the United States or I don't hear of anyone else, who's willing to take on that responsibility." (ID 23571)

"We all hoped in 2001 that we could put in place an Afghan government under President Karzai that would be able to control the country, make sure al-Qaeda didn't come back, and make sure the Taliban wasn't resurging. It didn't work out." (ID 23673)

"We got rid of a terrible dictator. We gave the Iraqi people an opportunity for a new life under a representative form of government." (ID 23674)

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