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We have a collection of 4 Government quotes from Stephen Harper

"I do not intend to dispute in any way the need for defence cuts and the need for government spending cuts in general. I do not share a not in my backyard approach to government spending reductions." (ID 23663)

"Whether Canada ends up as o-ne national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion." (ID 23665)

"The government can only be brought down because it alienates several parties in the House." (ID 23666)

"Canadians know that the promise of a recession didn't happen because of anything we did here. If you look at all the causes of the recession, problems in mortgage markets, the problems in the banking sector, the problems in government finance in countries like Greece, none of those problems were in present Canada." (ID 23667)

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